The bakery is the Island’s pride and joy. It operates at the base of the volcano next to the sugar goo bog and the volcanic caves. The caves are used for baking the cookies just like the ovens Dirk used back home in Deventor, Holland. The roller coaster loops around the volcano, making stops to drop off ingredients like giant peanuts, milk, and flour to the bakery. Dirk, the head cookie maker, sits in his control booth on top of a 30-foot mixing bowel and controls mechanical arms that stretch throughout the baking area. Dirk's mix-master mechanical arms grab ingredients and place them into the mixing bowel. The mixing bowel’s dough hook is mechanically connected to the nearby merry-go-round. The ride mixes the dough while children enjoy the spin. Steam from the volcano powers the specialized arms scoop out the freshly mixed dough.

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