Ariel Map of Cookie Island

Cookie Island had been a myth for thousands of years and was believed to be located just off the Southampton, New York, coast. It is protected in the 6th dimension which cloaks the Island from the world and makes it impossible to be found without its secret coordinates. 

It's a place where dreams are created, adventure is for breakfast, surfing is for lunch and fighting pirates  is for dinner. So, as you cruise around the island, you wll find yourself being "Tickle Attacked" by Sugar Moles, surfing at big kahuna beach and waging water fights with the beach bugs. But, all visitors must beware of the feared pirate, Captain Slime, who could be lurking around any spit of land. 

And lets not forget Dirk and the Dough Tribe. Once they discovered that the island possessed all the ingredients needed to make cookies, they turned the island into the wildest, funniest cookie factory in the world.  With the help of Orville and his family, Seagull Airlines transports children to the island from all over the world.

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