The properties on our website are all available for licensing, merchandise and all form of media development. That includes all logos, slogans, characters and stories. Currently the properties are in development in the form of children's books, a preschool television series and feature film.



The power of the Cookie
An estimated $5.5 Billion is spent on buying cookies annually. Over $500 million is spent on marketing cookies every year. The brand Cookie Monster for The Jim Henson Company is a household word. Cookie jars have hosted many of the most famous celebrities, animated characters and products of our time. Cookie entrepeurs like Famous Ames, Mrs. Fields, the Girl Scouts and the Keebler Elves, all have profited from the power of cookies. You could say that every time a cookie is eaten, talked about, seen or marketed, it is branding Cookie Island Properties. That is an extremely powerful marketing tool.

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