A Cookiehead first and foremost loves cookies and eats at least one cookie every day. There are periodic Cookieheads who only munch a few cookies each month, but they are very rare and can be extremely dangerous. Cookieheads can experience an irresistible need for a cookie fix at any time - it could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cookieheads come in all sizes, shapes and colors. No matter where they are or what they're doing, a fresh chocolate chip cookie is never far from a Cookiehead's mind. If they don't have access to Cookie Island, any store bought cookie will do. Cookieheads live, play and work in all areas of life, with many different interests.

There are many different types of Cookiehead lifestyles: nocturnal, daytime, outdoor, indoor, athlete, intellectual, corporate, golf, rock and roll and extreme, etc.

Sigmoid Freud did a 2-year study on Cookieheads and the effects of cookies on their psychological makeup. He discovered that cookies effect the id and the ego in ways that were previously never imagined. Through hypnosis and psychoanalysis on the Keebler Elves and Girl Scouts, Freud discovered that Cookieheads brain chemistry works a little differently from a normal brain. When a Cookiehead sees, hears or eats a cookie their brain chemistry immediately triggers the emotional center of the cortex, and releases pleasure endorphins. This changes a Cookiehead's physical and mental state into one of happiness and fun, giving them a complete sense of euphoria. He calls it the "Crumb Reflex."

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