Books in Development

The following books are in the different stages of development.  As books become available for publication a brief synopsis will be posted.

1. Little Tickle Series
A picture book series for children 3-6

"Little Tickle"

Hidden for thousand of years in a faraway sea is a secret island with sugar cane fields where sugar moles dig tunnels in search of creatures that need a tickle.  Tickling is a sugar mole's life, and when it comes to tickling, sugar moles are the best.

When the other kids laugh at Little Tickle for being too small to join tickle practice, he sets out to learn to tickle on his own.  He and a new friend Muddy (also rejected) start tickling their way through the island and deep into the swamp where they meet Ghost Tickler, who trains them in the secret ways of ghost tickling. With new confidence Little Tickle tickles every creature in sight until he finds his village in peril.  Using his new ghost tickling skills, he saves the village.

2. The Adventure on Cookie Island
A picture book series of 4 books, for children 3-6

"Dirk's Secret Formula" 
Uncovering a plot to sell their orphanage and ship all the children to South American to work in the spice fields, Dirk with the help of his best friend Boo enter the Queen's contest hoping the money they might win will save them and the other orphans.  Against the odds, Dirk wins the contest by inventing the worlds first cookie with the help of a little Christmas magic. 

"Doughmasters Revenge"
Dirk becomes famous and, with the Queens help, builds the worlds first cookie factory.  Doughmaster, seeking revenge for getting jailed by the Queen, hires spice pirates to steal Dirk's secret formula and kidnap Dirk.  But the pirates had a plan of there own, kidnapped all the children in Deventor and sailed out to sea.  Dirk and the children escaped and luckily a mysterious storm washed them ashore on a secret island.  Here is where the real adventure begins. 

"The Discovery of Cookie Island"
     In development

"Dirk's Magical Cookie Factory"
     In development

3. "Storm of Secrets" 
Chapter Series of four book ages 6-8.

"Orphans of the Storm"
Ever since they were found in the surf and adopted by the greedy Mottlee sisters after a mysterious hurricane, Billy and Tripper have been misunderstood for their adventurous lifestyle and obsession with both the sea and finding a mythical island hidden off the coast of Southampton.  Their search for the island starts off as an adventure and quickly turns into a race against the evil Captain Kraken to save their lives and possible the world.

4. "18 Holes with my Dad" is
A picture book for all ages

"Some of the best times I ever had were playing eighteen, alone with my dad.

Walking the fairway Dad taught me to play
Guiding my hand so I'd learn the right way

But Dad passed on more than the rules of the game
"Golf and Life," he would say are one in the same"

At age thirty-four now I'm able to see
That golf was just part of what Dad gave to me

The valuable lessons he taught me back then
Remain with me now and make me who I am."

A book written for a father by his son that parallels life to a wonderful game of golf. Twenty-one page book with illustrations, a perfect gift for any father.

5. "The Last         "

A picture book for all ages

    In development

6. "Davy the Tinker"

7. "The Boy, the Mermaid and the Storm"
Middle grade novel 6-8

     In development

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